Deakins Fan From Way Back

I am no “johnny-come-lately” to the Roger Deakins fan club.

Check out this video (part of the Module on Photography) that students in my Introduction to Film and Media Aesthetics saw last month!

This man can shoot…I know quality when I see it!

By the way, I “flipped” this class several years ago, and these are the second iteration of the videos produced for it. There will be an online version of COM 120: Introduction to Film and Media Aesthetics offered this summer using this and well over 100 other short videos, many of them with illustrative clips.

Thanks to my friends in Online Education — Brenda Knox, Allen Brown, Colin Sylvester, and Melvyn Brown — for making this happen! I keep refining the class materials, and believe the pedagogical changes improve the course for students in many ways.

I’m so excited!!!

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