Norwegian Lead Up to Eurovision

Last Saturday night, I was hosted in a Swedish home where wonderful food and terrific company won out over watching Melodifestivalen — Sweden’s televised competition leading up to the finals on Eurovision.

Tonight, I’m in Oslo.

Turning on the television my friends and I turn on the television in our Airbnb, we discover a talent competition program. Could it be…

Oh, my! Yes. Glen, Karen, and I are watching the Norwegian version of the show.

And…so is our neighbor across the way.

The rivalry leading up to the European competition is fierce. My friend Glen starts texting with our Swedish friend Jorgen, who was so keen on Melodifestivalen last weekend.

He lets us know that whether or not Sweden is good this year, the acts are “much better” than Norway’s “old-fashioned style.” I remain touched by Jorgen’s well-founded pride in his country.

Almost immediately, he sends another text letting us know that we can go to the app store to download SVT and watch the Swedish competitors instead of what’s on the screen in front of us.

We would, but we’re having too much fun tonight watching the Norwegians!

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