America 2.0

  Mary:  Before we jump into a discussion about the process of writing, JS, I want to congratulate you on the timely release of America 2.0. Of course, the series didn’t come together overnight. What prompted you to develop this project and what do you hope to achieve with its release? JS: Thank you, Mary! …


CNN will show the illuminating (and entertaining…and inspiring…) documentary RBG tonight at 9:00 p.m. EDT. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to take a look! You won’t be disappointed. There’s a good chance I just might watch it again!


I would hate to be in eighth grade again, but I sure do love this film. Okay, so I have a predilection for little, slice-of-life dramas, but even so, Bo Burnham’s film Eighth Grade is a delight sure to please a broad audience.