What will you build?

A digital map? A web exhibit? A course blog anthologized at the end of the semester? A collaboratively annotated critical edition of primary sources? Paintings or art prints digitized to support deep zoom? Or something else?

There’s no formula for scholarly digital projects.

  • Scholarship as Ecosystem

    Students in Lisa Blee’s first year seminar Nature, Environment, & Place in American Thought created photo essays, place studies, and documentary films about how humans understand and engage with their environments, built and natural. Reflecting upon the experience of redesigning this FYS, Lisa observed that the quality of student writing increased when it reached a broader public audience.

  • Scholarship as Cartography

    Students in Monique O’Connell’s first year seminar The Floating City: Public Life in Venice built digital maps using two different mapping platforms, heightening their awareness of the affordances of different technologies — that a particular tool, software, or platform can either facilitate or constrain a particular scholarly or rhetorical purpose.

  • Scholarship as Community

    Heard It Here, a web publication by students in Phoebe Zerwick’s Community Journalism classes, showcases student reporting on happenings around Winston-Salem and the Piedmont Triad. Phoebe is partnering with Geoff Groberg to redesign the site so that it can be experienced on screens of all sizes.

We will help you build

Reynolda Campus faculty can partner with us — librarians & technologists — to develop scholarly digital projects integral to research & teaching sponsored by Wake Forest

What partnership would be the best fit?

  • Provision

    We provide web hosting for a number of different web authoring and web exhibit platforms. We provide a login and you take it from there.

  • Consultation

    We offer semester-long course collaborations, consultations about metadata & digital preservation, and more.

  • Customization

    We work with you at low cost to help with web projects, including custom-designed user interfaces and databases.

  • Creation

    Are you seeking external funding for ‘first of its kind’ development? We can advise on a wide range of questions regarding technical infrastructure and project development and may be available to serve as members of the project team

Get started

At an initial consultation, we’ll ask a few questions that will help you to articulate the scholarly or pedagogical aim of your digital project, as well as plan for its future friendliness.

Whatever you imagine, we can build with you.

  • Digital Humanities Research Designer

    Carrie consults on the development of digitally-inflected scholarly projects. She assists faculty and faculty-student research teams in deciding the best platforms for showcasing their work and for visualizing their data. Recently Carrie has collaborated with faculty to design digital exhibits of rare materials using Omeka and has assisted with integrating technology into class projects.

  • Director of Digital Initiatives and Scholarly Communication

    Molly consults on copyright and author rights management issues for scholarly projects and products. She assists faculty in understanding their intellectual property rights as content creators, and in assessing rights and permissions when projects incorporate others’ copyrighted works.